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Early Stage Growth Investors Wanted

Dennis McCarthy – (213) 222-8260 –

My colleagues and I see an opportunity for investors to earn a great return and avoid the crowd by investing in early stage growth companies.

If your fund will consider investing in early stage growth companies, please let us know.

We at Boustead represent attractive companies which need capital.

We’d like to get to know your fund to show you current and future opportunities.

Growth Stage Companies

Growth stage companies, in our definition, reside on the continuum between venture capital stage companies and mature, seasoned companies.

We define growth stage companies as having products or services which have commercial traction.

Growth stage companies are past the product development stage.  They’re products are not beta samples.

Customers can and do buy these growth stage company’s products or services. Many of our clients, for example, have great, “name-brand” customers.

Growth Stage Investors

In prior articles, we’ve reported that there is a growing universe of funds looking to invest in growth stage companies.

These growth stage investors may be specialized funds, family offices or wealthy individuals.

Growth stage investors want to add capital to expand production or sales which will further accelerate a company’s growth.

The Gap At The Early Stage

One nagging question, however, is just how much commercial traction must the growth stage company show to attract the growth stage investors.

In today’s market environment, the simple answer to this key question is that growth stage investors want “more”.

More revenues already booked, with products shipped or services delivered.

For example, if a growth stage investor used to require a company to have $5 million of historical revenue, now it likely requires $10 million.

We deal with growth stage companies regularly so while this is not a statistical sampling, it reflects substantial daily interaction.

Early Stage Growth Investors Needed

With many growth stage investors requiring “more” revenue, we’re looking for growth stage investors wanting to avoid the crowd and invest in early stage growth companies.

If you’re an early stage growth investor, please contact us.